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Azealia Banks



channel orange is magnificent

frank ocean’s outdone himself and the entire world of r&b… bye bye chris brown

super rich kids/pilot jones/lost/monks

ASAP Rocky

—Purple Swag (Jim-E Stack Bootleg)

everything is purple.. no reason not to love this

radio 1 essential mix; nero

real dope shit

Sleigh Bells

—Never Say Die

get a nice sound system and enjoy

Azealia Banks

—1991 (Instrumental)


Azealia Banks - 1991 (Instrumental)

Sleigh Bells


tailored more for those with an ear for intensity.. this tune is crazy.

funny how

the gotye song i posted months ago is getting more likes and reblogs now than when i posted it. good old north american consumers and their 6 months-late musical taste.. or is it just another case of the bandwagon fever? 

m.i.a.- bad girls

pretty much otis moroccan edition, but better than Ye and jay and she didn’t have to pull apart a $500 000 car to do it

life is but a hallucination caused by inhaling oxygen frequently- once you quit huffing, the trip ends.